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Article Connections Continuum: A Life is a longer theoretical elaboration about series of artworks that Saša Spačal made with an array of different scientists and experts. Article was published in a book Experiencing the Unconventional: Science in Art edited by Theresa Schubert in Andrew Adamatzky.

Extract from the article:


Hello world o )) ^_^ ))

I am a human being, an evolutionary process, an integral function of the universe based on planet Earth at the present time. These are the protocols that I found best for my peaceful evolution: community, DIY (do it yourself), DIWO (doing it with others), learn, explore, play, experiment; one becomes one only when there are two who communicate and connect technological and biological organisms through artistic practice.

The period in which I live has recently been named Anthropocene, meaning a human-dominated era of Earth’s history. A period marked by a change of the regime reigned over by activities of industrial societies, which began at the turn of the nineteenth century and has caused global disruptions in the Earth’s system on a planetary scale. Climate changes, a loss of biodiversity, pollution of the sea, land and air, depredation of resources, severe denudation of the land cover, radical transformation of the ecumene and other alarming changes mark contemporary life on this pale-blue dot. This scenario is a consequence of an ossified ideology of humans’ dominion over nature, not fully seeing the potential of abundance that might emerge if the Earth would be recognized as a vast and complex interconnected system where human beings would act as one of many elements in the ecosystem and not as sovereigns. In that respect, numerous theorists and futurist authors – i.e. Donna Haraway, Bruce Sterling or Vilém Flusser to name just a few – have suggested that such nonhuman-centric period would be called posthuman.

Contemplation of the state of things on this planet and whispers of these posthuman tendencies brought to my attention the fact that I need to find a new environment to execute the sequences of code that were looping in my everyday protocols. I choose artistic experimentation and investigation.


Contents of Experiencing the Unconventional
Introduction to Experiencing the Unconventional

Connections Continuum: A Life
Saša Spačal


Experiencing the Unconventional: Science in Art
Ed. Theresa Schubert, Andrew Adamatzky