Tides, constant waves on the surface of Earth, are trying to find that perfect balance of waters for specific spacetime conditions. Sometimes tides have deviations. Sometimes humans cause them. Sometimes there comes a time for flood or drought to reset the cycle, to reset the population, to reset the time.


Tides, 2017
Saša Spačal

Curators: Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik, Brane Zorman
Production: CONA – Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing

Tides composition was commissioned for radioCona:wolFMoon FM Exhibition.


Broadcasts and streamings
radioCona:ICEbreakFM [Feb. 2018]
Arsov atelje: O Radiu Cona z Branetom Zormanom, Radio Slovenia ARS 96.5 FM [Jan. 2018]
radioCona:WolFMoon at MFRU [Sept. 2017]
radioCona:wolFMoon premiere sound works on WGXC 90.7-FM – Wave Farm Radio [May 2017]
radioCona:wolFMoon FM Exhibition [Jan. 2017]

Saša Spačal


Cona Institut